Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons

We left Logan, Utah and headed north into Idaho, my first time ever in Idaho. The ride was very pleasant, cool but not cold.

At one point, we went through a valley on Hwy 34 that was the most lush and green we've encountered on the trip. Miles of green potato plants and wheat. It was very picturesque, although the riding was too good to stop for a picture.

We rode into Jackson Hole (or Jackson), WY, about 1:30 in the afternoon. It was moderately hot, and very busy. Cars and people everywhere.

Went to 3 motels before we found one with a vacancy, the Elk Country Inn, just off the main drag. They had one room with 2 beds (actually bedrooms) and an efficiency kitchen. Although it was overkill, we needed a room. Being in a high tourist area on the weekend before a major holiday (July 4) without a reservation is not a good idea. But it worked out anyway. The fly in the ointment is that it's available only tonight; not tomorrow night.

However, they have a room with 2 beds and nothing else tomorrow night for only $20 more. Why a smaller room with fewer amenities on a Sunday night is higher, I'll never understand...

Got the room and walked downtown for lunch while the room was being readied. A good lunch at the Snake River Brewery and then back to get into the room. We rested a while and then got on the bikes and rode into Grand Tetons National Park.

Rode through part of the park--beautiful rocky tall mountains. Still some snow on some of them, although it's been record-breaking hot! Beautiful deep blue lakes as well. And the Snake River is the prettiest river I've ever seen. Deep blue water, rapids, rocks--it is gorgeous!
bike miles and 5,295 gps milrs on the trip.

Saw a group of buffalo on the side of the road, having an early dinner. Also saw one lone deer near the top of Signal Mountain, just standing and looking at us as we rode by. I think we were intruding into his territory and he was not happy. So, we kept riding and he was gone when we came back down the mountain.

A good day today, 279 miles. I'm tired, but think it's from so much running for 2 weeks. I now have 5,437 and 5,297 gps miles on the trip. The bike odometer registers fast, but the GPS is correct. And we'll do another roughly 3,000 to get home.

Tomorrow, more Tetons

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