Monday, June 18, 2007

Day Three--Back from the Dead

Well, I survived! Actually, I've felt pretty good today. We rode 400 miles and stopped for the night in Clayton. No, not home, but New Mexico.

Last night was not bad, but I did wake up twice drenched in sweat. Guess the virus was breaking up. Didn't ache this morning like I did yesterday morning. So, maybe it's over.

The day started with thunder and rain, but it stopped by the time we left the hotel. We went to see the Oklahoma City Memoral--well done and very sad. Glad we stopped to see it. I'll never understand why someone kills folks fror nothing.

Rode west and stopped at Lucielle's Diner, on old Rte. 66 in Weatherford, Ok. Met the owner, Bill Lindley who was a very good host, and from Raleigh. Neat!! He talked with us for most of the meal, making us feel very much at home.

Rode on old Rte. 66 for a few miles until it disappeared under I-40.

Had pretty good wind from the south-had to lean pretty good to go straight. Got hot also as we went west and left the cloudy weather behind. Not a bad ride.

The bike has done great! No problems at all, but at the speeds we're running, the fuel mileage is not good. Around 40mpg at a true 70-80 mph. Normally it is around 50, but with the luggage and extra weight, plus the speed, it's doing about 40 mpg most of the time. Oh, and the roads here are straight for eons! Even the 2 lane roads have a 70 mph speed limit, and we took advantage when we could (which was 99% of the time).

The landscape has varied from flat as a rock to deep ravines. We've seen some buttes off in a distance, and have had a gradual rise as we headed north towards Colorado and am at 5,044 feet where we're staying. Cooler here, too.

A good day for the 3rd day of the adventure.

Picture of Gary and the bikes at New Mexico state line.

Had dinner at a neat place, the Eckland Hotel, established in 1892. Good taco salad and cold beer. It was a nice respite for a long, but good day of riding.


Elizabeth Fuller said...

MB and Gary, so glad you both are still upright! It sounds very exciting. I am very jealous of the trip but not the transportation. I know ya'll are having a great time. I think I grew up with Bill Lindley (at least I did grow up in Raleigh with a guy by that name). Please be careful but have fun.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back among the living. Don't let Gary talk you into eating in any more of those establishments with "character".