Friday, June 15, 2007

On the Eve

Well, it's almost time to go! The packing list has been amended several times after sending it back and forth to Gary--sometimes him adding an item, and sometimes me thinking of another toy to bring. In any case, I think the list is done. And I believe everything on it is in one of the cases or extra bag I'm taking.

As usual, I know up front I have too many clothes. I seem to do that on every trip, and I'm not sure why except that I don't want to run out! Somehow I've got this worry (not really a fear because I know it will be okay if it happens) that I'll need something that I don't have. The weird thing is that I know whatever I need I can pick up at any one of the million or so Wal Marts across the country. Be that as it may, I'm taking what's packed.

Had dinner with my son, his wife, and my only grandson, Skyler last night. We celebrated my son's birthday and fathers day in one visit. Went to one of my favorite restaurants, Maccaroni Grill, and had a good meal. Skyler, who's now 10 months old, was very good. It was fun feeding him little pieces of the things we were eating, along with his food. Had a good, relaxing evening.

Today is running around on last minute things to get done, and leave for Gary's house. Tonight I guess we'll look at maps and decide for sure where we're riding tomorrow. Of course, we'll have to show off all the new farkles we've gotten since the trip planning started. I know he's got the Zumo gps and a new walkie-talkie for bike to bike communications. And I've got a few new items to show off, so we'll be like a couple of boys on Christmas morning showing off our new toys. Hope I never grow up!

The bike is as ready as it will be. Oil changed day before yesterday. Checked the air in the tires (no, actually I didn't check the air in the tires--that would be a foolish thing to do. What would I check it for--ozone??). Actually I checked the pressure of the tires! Installed the headlight guard (looks and fits good). It's held on with hook and loop; hope it stays put! Reinstalled the headlight modulator that had come unglued to the inside of the fairing. Secured a spare bike and luggage key in a discrete place on the bike in case I somehow lost the keys along the way (it's been known to happen!).

Lots of stuff to do when biking. A car is simple--check the air pressure in the tires and check the oil level and go. Not so simple on a bike! But so much more fun!!

I'll close this entry with a phrase I last heard from Rob Beach's mom when she called to see that everything was ready for an Alps tour two summers ago. Bon Voyage!

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repete5 said...

Looking forward checking the blog to hear about the trip!!! All the best to you and Gary. V-Strom's rule ... have a safe adventure.

Dick Peterson