Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day Nine

Today was an easy day. Stayed in bed until 7:30 and had an easy morning in the room.

Got to Miller Motorsports Park just before 11:00am, in time for the first race of the day. We decided to buy an upgrade on our tickets so we could sit in one of the grandstands. We chose the grandstand at turn 1 and took our seats. The grandstand was great. From there, we could see several turns and had a big screen TV straight in front of us. Since Speed was carrying the races, we could see the action live and on the big screen. IN THE SHADE!! At least 20 degrees cooler with the breeze and shade. Some of the best $15 I've spent on this trip.

The races were better today, with my man Miguel Duhummel placing 3rd in the Superbike race in a tight match with Matt Maladin. A very good race.

After the race, we came back to the hotel to wash some items and relax and do the pool.

Tomorrow we leave Salt Lake City headed south towards the Grand Canyon and other sights. After we visit the UPS store to ship some unnecessary items home. As I said earlier, I brought more than I needed, so I'm going to shed some items and create more space in the bags.

73 miles today. So far, it's been 3,394 miles for me. I had projected 6,000 miles for the trip--now I think it will be more like 8,000 before I get home. Hope the chain and rear tire hold out. If not, guess I'll do it along the way.

More tomorrow!

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