Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Arches National Park

Today it was HOT!! We left Salt Lake City and headed south towards Moab. The ride there was easy, but man was it HOT. The temperature hovered between 95 and 100 degrees after we left I-15 and got on Hwy 6.

We rode to Arches National Park and decided that a hotel room was more important than seeing the park, so we rode into town and decided on the Best Western in downtown Moab. It was a nice place with great air conditioning. We talked about staying in the room and drinking beer, but decided that we hadn’t ridden over 3,000 miles to stay in the room and drink beer.

So, we geared up again and rode back to Arches and went into the park. WOW! There aren’t words to describe the park. It was beautiful and magnificent at the same time. The arches were neat, but the rocks, in varying shades of red, brown and yellow were something to see. And it was HOT!

We walked to several of the arches, but soon tired of walking in the heat. It was worth the effort and time to go to Arches.

After Arches, we jumped in the pool, showered, and decided to eat at the Moab Brewery. I asked the front desk clerk how far it was to the restaurant, and was told it was 7 blocks. So, we started walking. Seven LONG blocks later, we arrived at the restaurant. It was least a mile from the hotel. The beer and food was good, but it consumed all of the evening, and I ran out of time and energy to write. Hence, this blog is being posted late. We were there on Monday, June 25.

We did 315 miles today.

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