Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chain Repair

Today my chain dilemma was solved. We left Mt Carmel Junction after a hearty and good breakfast and rode to Bryce Canyon National Park. The ride was good-the temperatures were very comfortable and the roads not busy. About 20 miles up the road a deer was standing on the road, watching me approach him. I slowed to a crawl, and when I was almost to him, he calmly trotted off. It was as if he was watching me to see if I’d stop for him. I did!

A few more miles later, the carcass of a dead on was on the shoulder of the road. Seeing both of them made me slow down and watch more carefully.

Inside Bryce Canyon, we went to most of the points and took the usual pictures. I think my expectations were too high, because I was a little disappointed. I believe we’ve seen so many beautiful sights over the last week that none are special now. I’m accustomed to seeing extraordinary sights! A sad state indeed.

The folks at Jorgensen’s Honda in Richfield had agreed to work in my service work mid-afternoon. So, we actually skipped a couple of points in Bryce so we could be there on time to get the work done and to get back on the road towards the Grand Tetons.

Leaving the park, most folks would turn left on Hwy 12 and then right on Hwy 89 to get to Richfield just off I-70. Instead, we stayed straight, on Hwy 22 and had a high speed on a road with no traffic and good road surfaces. It was a ball! We made up 15minutes in about 50 miles!

We got to Jorgensens by 2:45. They were expecting me and had the parts. I learned that the air freight charge was $40 instead of $30, but we needed the sprocket and I did’t fuss. After all, they were working me in to keep me on the road.

Within 15 minutes they were working on the bike. Since we hadn’t had lunch, we walked to a Mexican place and had a good lunch (but no beer!)

Shortly after getting back to the shop, it was ready. I had no idea what the bill would be; I was at their mercy and I expected to pay a premium price. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually cheaper there than the last one I had done in Raleigh! Even with the air freight charge!! The difference turned out to be labor charges were much less at Jorgensens. A good break.

The bike rides so much better! So quiet. So smooth. The old chain had gotten pretty bad and was making a lot of racket and vibration. Problem cured.

Leaving Richfield, we headed north towards Salt Lake City. It got HOT again, so we had to wet and don the vests. Just south of Salt Lake City, we stopped for a cool drink and a re-wetting of vests and to get a room for the night.

After trying two places, that turned out to be full, the third had space in Logan, Utah. So we rode to Logan for the hotel. By this time it was getting late and we were tired. Stopped for a late, lite dinner on the way and when we got back on the bikes, it had cooled off considerably.

50 miles later in Logan, it was chilly. Funny how the temperatures here change so rapidly!

Got to the hotel and learned that it was “full”. After fussing, the manager came out and miraculously found a room with 2 beds. It was not non-smoking, but that was no problem at that hour.

Got into the room, tried to connect to the Internet, and had no success. So, this is being posted late again.
Rode 447 miles today, did one park, and got the bike fixed. A good day!

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