Monday, July 2, 2007


Today was a very easy day. The motel needed our room for a family tonight, so we had to move to a normal motel room. That took a while to work out, so it was 11:00am before we got on the bikes.

Since we had seen all of Grand Teton National Park yesterday, we decided to ride over a steep pass (said to be the steepest grade in North America at 10.5%) into Idaho. The pass was okay, but if it was the steepest, I could not tell that it was that steep.

We rode north to Ashton, Idaho and then turned back south. The ride was very easy and nice, with parts in farmland and parts in forests. We were on the west side of the Tetons in a broad valley. So, we got to see both sides of the same mountains. They are impressive on both sides.

We continued to ride south by the Pallisades Reservoir (a beautiful body of water) and then turned back north to ride through the Snake River Canyon. I still believe the Snake River is the prettiest river I've ever seen!

Got back to the motel, checked into the new room, took a shower, washed some laundry, and walked to town for dinner.

A good, easy day. Rode 223 miles.

Tomorrow Yellowstone National Park.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view. I am soooo green with envy. Please be careful but keep the pictures coming.