Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yellowstone Part II

Spent the day in Yellowstone again. What a beautiful place! There's no way to adequately explain it to folks who haven't been there. Of all the parks I've been in over my lifetime, this is the only park that I could spend a week in and not be bored. Most parks keep me entertained for a day or two, but this one has so much to see. And it's big.

The biggest treat today was watching a momma grizzly bear and her two cubs come across a meadow. The cubs ran and played just like you see on TV. They looked like they were having fun as they came across the meadow. As they came towards the road, a park employee warned everyone to get inside their cars. Since we were not in cars, we left in a hurry!

A half mile down the road, folks with spotting scopes spotted another grizzly quite a way off. I could not see it without a scope.

We did Old Faithful--neat, just like you see on TV. Also did Steamboat geyser, which was also neat. Lots of volcanic activity all ove the place!

Saw an Elk within 100 yards of us, crossing the road.

We left via the northeast entry, which, in my opinion, is the prettiest entrance. Saw hundreds of buffalo on this road--many more than we had seen in other parts of the park.

Unfortunately, we didn't get gas inside the park before leaving. As we left the park, the first worry was fuel tanks that were pretty enpty. The ranger at the entrance said there was a gas station 4 miles up the road in Cooke City. Relieved, we rode to Cooke City.

It looked like an oasis! Two operating gas stations! Several motels. Several restaurants. We gassed up, and since we had not eaten nor had gotten a room for the night, decided to try to find a room there (the next place was 80 miles away, across Beartooth Pass. We were advised not to do Beartooth Pass at night (good advice).

Found a room! Not lavish, but adequate--two beds, a bathroom, tv, and some limited Internet.

Then we found food and had a late dinner.

A very good day.
264 miles today (this post a day late)

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