Monday, May 28, 2007


This is my first attempt at blogging. I'm planning a motorcycle ride with my friend, Gary, to Utah in June 07, and have lots of planning to do. Gear to take? Clothes? Preparation for bike? So much to think about, and so little experience in dealing with three weeks on the road.

As far as gear, I think I'll take my Joe Rocket mesh pants and coat for the really hot times. And for the not-so-hot times, the Belstaff Trekkr coat and First Gear overpants should keep me warm and dry. I'll carry my Joe Rocket Saharah vest for extra cooling and the DryLiner for extra warmth when we're at high altitudes or cooler weather. Cold gloves, medium gloves, and summer gloves. Ear plugs.

As to clothes, I'm getting some long and short underwear designed to wick away moisture. I've found that if I can stay dry, I'm much more comfortable. One pair of convertible pants (short and long in one pair). Maybe one pair of jeans. One sweatshirt, and maybe 3 Tee shirts. Socks--3 pair of hi-tech and maybe 3 pair of regular cotton socks. Tennis shoes. Ball cap. What else??

Gadgets--I like gadgets, so I'll have plenty. Of course, the computer has to go, with charger. Hand held gps (Emap) for hiking. Camera and charger. Walkie-talkie and charger. StreetPilot for bike. Sirius radio. Cell phone and charger. What else???

I'll have 3 hard bags, all Givi. A V-46 topcase and 2 E36 side cases. Small tank bag. I can carry another bag on the pillion seat if needed, but it cramps my space just a bit, so I probably will not bring it unless needed.

We are not planning to camp, so there's no need for camping gear.

Guess this is enough for tonight.


Terry said...

Looks like you've thought of everything.

BTW, Pike's Peak does have some loose gravel. Don't forget your oxygen tank.

Hope you and Gary have a great trip.

Bob O said...


Go "hog-wild" ride safe and watch out for elk and bullwinkle in Colorado.